School of Instruction Schedule 2017


 2017 School of Instruction Schedule for the 25th Masonic District   

R. Joseph Haberlen,DDGM                                        7:00 PM                    Bernard D. Hanmore, PDDGM Principal

Date                                   Activity                                                    Instructor/s                                             Responsible Lodge

1/26/17        Opening, Closing, Business of the Lodge                  Joe Haberlen abd Bernie Hanmore                Cochranton 790  

                    All Elected and Appointed Officers should  attent            Refreshments Western Star 304

2/23/17       Entered Appretice Degree                                         Stephen M. Shaffer, Region #5 Instructor                     Degree Team

                                                                                                           Refreshments Cochranton

3/11/17     Sectional School of Instruction                                         Scottish Rite Cathedral New Castle    8:30 AM     ( East and West Rooms)

3/23/17       Examination of a Visitor and Masonic Funeral                    Joe Haberlen and Ed Ferris                             Addelphic  424

                                                                                                               Refreshments School

4/27/17       Fellowcraft  Mason Degree                                        Jack Flaugh and Bernie Hanmore                               Pine  498

                                                                                                      Refreshments Adelphic 424


5/25/17         Master Mason's  Degree                                            Joe Haberlen and Bernie Hanmore                           Crawford 234

                                                                                                        Refreshments Pine 498

6/22/17         No School                                                                    Have a nice Summer

7/27/17         No School                                                                   Have a nice Summer   

8/24/17         No School                                                                   Have a nice Summer

9/28/17        Questions and Answers, 25 and 50 year Pin Presentations          DDGM,Principal, Senior Instructors                                 

                     Committee of Inquiry                                                  Refreshments  Crawford 234

10/26/17       Election and Installation                                          Stephen M. Shaffer, Regional 5 Instructor        

11/16/167      Opening, closing,business of the Lodge                         Jack Flaugh and Bernie Hanmore                                Covenant 473

                                                                                                                  Refreshments School                                              (3rd Thursday)     

12/16/17  Annual 25th District Pancake Breakfast and Meeting  Each Lodge Must Buy at Least (5) $10.00 Tickets            (3rd Saturday)