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Lodge No. 473 News


Covenant Lodge No. 473, Cambridge Springs, PA


A Stated Meeting of Covenant Lodge No. 473 Free and Accepted Masons will be held in Covenant Temple Association Hall, 227 South Main Street, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania on:

TUESDAY EVENING, September 12 , 2017

At 7:30 o’clock PM



Examination of a Visitor


Masonic Funeral Service


Light refreshments after the meeting.



FROM THE Worshipful Master


Good evening brethren,


At the January meeting we discussed the Freemason influence on our country’s founding. I also “survived” my first official meeting as master of the lodge! Those in attendance enjoyed a nice evening of escape from the monotonous routine of Pennsylvania winter. We ate good food and enjoyed the fraternal conversation that one can expect from lodge. 

This month we will discuss the life, masonic affiliation, and controversy of Brother Benedict Arnold. We are all charged to “suggest on his behalf the most candid, favorable, and palliating circumstances, even when his conduct is justly reprehensible.” This topic should engage some interesting historical and masonic discussion and will hopefully leave us all with a newfound appreciation of Arnold’s accomplishments as well as our fraternity as a whole.

I look forward to seeing more of you at each meeting as we will continue to promote programs that are engaging as well as enlightening.

I hope to see you in lodge.


Nathan D. Albert


Worshipful Master



Masonic Birthdays for the month of August are:

Sheets, Ernest L.                73                8/10/1944

Masonic Birthdays for the month of September are:

Hoyt, Robert E                   66                9/14/1951

Bideaux, Philip F.               53               9/11/1964

Ingalls, David H.                40                9/13/1977

Rowan, Leonard W.            34                9/14/1983

Morton, Clarence J.             33                9/18/1984

Leonhart, Robert J.             32                9/10/1985

Winsor, Gary A.                  23                9/20/1994

Browder, Jeffrey T.             22                9/19/1995

Roche, Matthew R.              15                9/14/2002

Sagan, Douglas E.               15               9/10/2002




One Day Class               Erie, PA             September 23rd

Adelphic Lodge Golf Outing                     September 24th

School of Instruction                              September 28th

Covenant Lodge Stated Meeting              October 10th


This Month in Masonic History: The Level

Just about every mason hears the phrase 'On the Level' when they attend their lodge meeting. It is one of most basic ideas put forth in Freemasonry.

At its core, on the level indicates that an object is the same distance from a common surface no matter where you measure from. In construction when something is level, it has more to do with the ground on which it stands and gravity as a whole.

In Freemasonry, a level not only refers to things that are of equal distance from a common surface, it refers to many other things.

The first thing it refers to is what the phrase most commonly translates to outside of the fraternity. When someone is 'on the level' they are honest, they deal with someone fairly. This also can have another allusion most commonly held with one of the Cardinal Virtues of Freemasonry, Justice.

The second thing, is that it is a reminder that we are all equal in the eyes of death, often referred to in masonry as the "Great Leveler." It means that death comes for us all no matter what station we have attained in life, no matter what we attained as status in the fraternity, we will all look upon the face of death. It is a reminder for all of us that we are no different from the person walking beside us on the street or standing next to us in our lodge room.

Third and most importantly, it is a reminder to Freemasons that no matter what we do inside the fraternity, no matter what position we hold or have held, we have a responsibility to our brothers and to the world to treat each other as equals.


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Five beautiful ladies (widows) at Covenant Lodge's widows dinner

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