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Lodge No. 473 News


Covenant Lodge No. 473, Cambridge Springs, PA


A Stated Meeting of Covenant Lodge No. 473 Free and Accepted Masons will be held in Covenant Temple Association Hall, 227 South Main Street, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania on:

TUESDAY EVENING, January 9 , 2018

At 7:30 o’clock PM



Opening & Closing of the Lodge


Light refreshments after the meeting.



FROM THE Worshipful Master


Good evening brethren,


At the December meeting, we held an election of officers. I would like to thank all those who stepped up to fill chairs and positions. In the coming year, we will strive to improve our masonic knowledge and ritual work. This will provide us with an opportunity reacquaint ourselves with some of the details that we seldom have the opportunity to polish.

We will begin Masonic refreshers with the “opening and closing the lodge” during the January meeting. Refreshments and fellowship will follow.

I hope to see you in lodge.


Nathan D. Albert


Worshipful Master

FROM THE Secretary


Some things to remember Brethren;

·        If any of your contact information changes, please let me know.

·        If you know of a Brother that is sick, please let me know.

·        If you need some financial assistance, please make that need known to the Almoner.

·        If you know of a need by widow or child of a brother, please make that need known to the Almoner.

·        If you wish to have a Masonic funeral at the time of your passing, you must make that desire known to your family. We can not perform that service without a request by the family. If you live out of our area, the service can be performed by any lodge in that area, even in a different state.





Masonic Birthdays for the month of January are:

Hamilton, Keith L.                      47        1/12/1971

Hagerty, Michael R.                   21        1/14/1997

Pekelnicky, Andrew S.               14        1/13/2004

Bufalino, Russell A.J.                 12        1/10/2006




Official Visitation @ Adelphic Lodge        January 2nd

Official Visitation @ Meadville 408          January 8th

Covenant Lodge Stated Meeting             January 9th

Official Visitation @ Meadville 234          February 1st


Anderson’s Constitutions (From:


Anderson's Constitutions was the original guide for Freemasons who were part of the Grand Lodge of England. The original Anderson's Constitutions was published in 1723. It was written by James Anderson, a Presbyterian clergyman, at the request of John Theophilus Desaguliers, the third Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England.


There are three sections to Anderson's Constitutions, the History of Freemasonry, the Charges or general rules to be followed by Freemasons and Payne's Regulations.


The history section of Anderson's Constitutions, is largely written by Anderson who interpreted previous histories that were available. It would be the most extensive history of the Freemasonry to that point.


The Charges section includes various standards for the Freemason, both inside and outside the lodge. This includes such things as how to behave during a meal and a section on how to view a brother who has decided to rebel against the government of his nation.


The final section written by George Payne who wrote the regulations that appear in Anderson's Constitutions. Some of the regulations included how to constitute a new lodge.


Anderson's Constitutions has been compared in places to the United States Constitution. In it, as far as the regulation of lodges, there are clear comparisons with freedom of speech and the right of the citizenry, or in the case of a lodge membership, to vote.


A copy of Anderson's Constitution can be found at:


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Five beautiful ladies (widows) at Covenant Lodge's widows dinner

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